Employee Questions about COVID-19

Infection Control Office
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Madison County COVID-19 Hotline

NYS Department of Health COVID-19 Hotline

Employee COVID-19 Wellness Resources

Right now you are faced with many challenges – providing/supporting care to our local community, uncertainty in the news, protecting your family, your own health and wellness, among many other facets of life that can understandably leave you feeling confused, stressed, and or drained during this time.

To help you meet these daily challenges, we are providing information on a variety of topics. This page outlines what you need to know about employee COVID-19 testing, our organization’s response to the pandemic and protocol, managing your own health and wellness, and using virtual resources to calm and de-stress among many other areas that should support you during this time.

Feel free to check back to this page as we will continue to add supplemental resources (updated 6.3.21)

Employee Health

Employee Health is here for employees who are feeling ill, concerned about COVID-19 exposure, or who need clearance to return to work. Below is some helpful information related to hours, exposure, self-monitoring, and tip sheets we recently distributed.


Mental Health Resources:

This is a challenging time for many. As healthcare employees, our mental well-being plays an integral role in the quality of care we can provide to our community. We need you to take care of yourself! Below are two areas of resources that you may find helpful for your mental heath: web access to free meditation and mindfulness content and free mental health and support hotlines.

If you need someone to talk to, we are here for you. Please talk to your manager or supervisor.

Meditation and Mindfulness Tools

The following are mediation and mindfulness tools that are currently free.

Mental Health and Support Hotlines

The following support services are free and confidential.


Physical Health Resources:

Your physical health is also very important during this time. With the current social distancing policies and closures in effect, we understand that it may be difficult to access physical fitness options to help reduce stress and improve your physical wellness. Below are some resources that offer extended free trials to videos related to fitness and meditation – many that do not include equipment.

*Please note that we are not endorsing any one vendor or business over another. These are just a few resources that we have identified which may be useful during this time. Many have offered extended free trials or free resources that we thought may be helpful. Please review them carefully before signing up.


Clinical Guidance and Information for Staff:

The following includes information for proper PPE usage, visitor restrictions, educational videos, and proper attire. We are currently enforcing the following COVID-19 Safety Guidelines: 


Communications From Leadership:

Each day our President and CEO, Gene Morreale, shares a daily correspondence through email. The purpose of these messages are to keep you up-to-date on the impact and direction of our organization as we learn more about COVID-19. Below you will find an archive of his correspondences to date (updated 6.3.21).


Community Resources:

The following are some community resources that we have identified which may be helpful to you.


For Questions:

Please submit any questions you may have by emailing anarrow@oneidahealth.org.