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Additional Cancer Patient Resources

The following represents resources that may be helpful to cancer patients and patient care takers related to financial support, housing assistance, transportation, and more.

These organizations are not an official part of Oneida Health, Oneida Health Foundation, or the Cancer Fund, nor do we directly endorse one organization over another. It is simply a list of resources that we have organized in one place to help you find additional support related to cancer services providing locally, regionally, and nationally.

Financial Resources for Cancer Patients

Here are a few other organizations who can help:

Housing Assistance Resources for Cancer Patients

Some nonprofits help cancer patients meet housing costs, including rental and mortgage assistance during their illness.

Cancer Patient Transportation Resources

Traveling for treatment, either at home or to a distant hospital, can be both expensive and logistically difficult. There’s help available from agencies and charities that offer assistance arranging and paying for transportation.

Here are a few services that arrange transportation for cancer patients:

Free Survivorship Resources

Additional Organizations That Offer Help for Cancer Patients

Though many organizations offer specialized low-cost help for cancer patients, some large charities provide a myriad of services, referrals and counseling. In many instances they provide direct financial help with bills, especially for those who can’t work or can only work part time due to their illnesses.

The American Cancer Society is perhaps the largest focused on cancer patients, but don’t overlook other groups with diverse menus of services can be very valuable to cancer patients.

These are some of the organizations and companies that focus on the financial and emotional needs of cancer patients:

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