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Located On Main Floor of Oneida Health Hospital
321 Genesee Street
Oneida, NY 13421

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Lifeline Medical Alert:  The Security and Support to Live Independently

Oneida Health Support is the local provider of the Philips Lifeline medical alert service and the Philips Medication Dispenser.

Falls are the leading cause of injury in hospital admission for trauma and injury-related death among seniors. Oneida Health Support Lifeline is available to help, allowing seniors and at-risk individuals to live at home longer, independently, and safely.

Continue to live in the home you love

LifelineThis is your life and you want to continue living it the way you want – in the comfort of your own home, where you’re surrounded by the memories of a lifetime.

Lifeline gives you the confidence and freedom to live on your own, because there’s always someone standing by to help whenever you need it: 24-hours-a-day, 7-days-a-week, at the press of a button.

How Does Lifeline Work?

The Lifeline Communicator connects to your existing telephone system and offers you a built-in two-way speakerphone for clear, immediate communication with a caring Lifeline Monitor at the press of a button.

Wear the button as a pendant or wristband. With a simple push, you can call for assistance anytime, day or night. Within seconds of pressing the button, a Lifeline representative responds and gets help from a neighbor, relative or ambulance. You will not be left along until you are taken care of.

Subscribers who cannot use a traditional button can obtain a physically challenged access kit, which can be activated by the blink of an eye or a puff of breath

Philips Lifeline with AutoAlert

Lifeline PendantThe newest offering from Oneida Health Support Lifeline is Philips Lifeline with AutoAlert. It combines the traditional Lifeline services with automatic fall-detection capabilities. The help button automatically calls for assistance if a fall is detected and the user is unable to push his or her help button. According to an internal laboratory study of simulated falls, Lifeline with AutoAlert detected 95 percent of falls and had a low rate of false alarms.

Philips Medication Dispenser

The Philips Medication Dispenser ensures subscribers are taking their medicines on time and in the right amounts. Nearly 40 percent of people in nursing homes are there because of medication mishaps. The Medication Dispenser tells you or a loved one when to take medications and dispenses the appropriate pills in the correct amounts. If the medicine isn’t taken from the machine, a caregiver is notified. Users are 98.6 percent compliant with their medications, keeping them safe and allowing them to remain living independently at home.