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120 Years & Counting

From 4 Beds to a Large Network of Exceptional Care

It was 1894 and Oneida was a growing city strategically located on an important railroad junction. A stamp was two cents and President Grover Cleveland was beginning his second term. That year a railroad accident occurred creating the need for local hospitalization in Oneida. Like many thriving cities during that time, services the community needed derived from necessity. To provide care for the victims of the accident, a treatment room was established at the Presbyterian Church and the need for quality healthcare services close to home started to take shape.

It was with the support of Oneida Mayor, J. M. Goldstein, who donated a plot of land on Williams Street that Oneida Health officially began when a four-bed hospital opened its doors in 1899. The need for expansion was quickly realized and the first Broad Street Hospital was built in 1906, followed by a new 80-bed Broad Street facility in 1938.

But modernized efforts could not keep pace with the growth of surrounding communities and the subsequent need for expanded healthcare services. In 1967, with overwhelming community support, the present hospital overlooking the City from its Genesee Street location was approved. The 126-bed hospital, which we operate out of today, opened its doors in 1972. Two years later, the former Broad Street hospital was converted into the Extended Care Facility, filling the community’s need for a comprehensive healthcare system. The current Extended Care Facility opened in January of 1993, with 160-beds, including an 11-bed ventilator unit and 2 respite care beds.

Over the years, Oneida Health has continued to identify and meet the growing needs of the communities we serve. In 1991, we recognized the need for primary and preventive care services and the hospital opened its first satellite facility, the Harden Blvd. Health Center in the village of Camden. This was the beginning of Oneida Health’s Circle of Care.

Today, Oneida Health continues to be committed to its mission to plan, promote, provide and coordinate the highest quality
progressive and comprehensive health care services for the greater Oneida area and surrounding communities. Serving approximately 29 communities with a population of approximately 100,000, Oneida Health currently includes a 101-bed acute care hospital, state of the art surgery center, 160-bed extended-care and short-term rehab facility, multiple primary and urgent care offices, comprehensive lab services, home medical equipment, comprehensive imaging services, outpatient therapy, and specialties in: oncology, neurology, podiatry, vascular, sleep, OB/GYN, orthopedics, wound care, GI, and ENT. From a modest beginning to a robust network of services, Oneida Health will continue its commitment to deliver the highest quality of care and patient experience, close to home.


Treatment Room Provided

Presbyterian Church provides a treatment room for victims of railroad accidents


Makeshift Hospital

A citizen-donated bathhouse is established as a makeshift hospital


4-bed Hospital Opens

Oneida Mayor, J. M. Goldstein, who donated a plot of land on Williams Street, opens a 4-bed hospital opened


Broad Street Hospital

Broad Street Hospital is built


School of Nursing Opens

Broad Street Hospital School of Nursing opens and within eight years, the Hospital’s size had tripled


Oneida City Hospital

The City of Oneida is given control, now Oneida City Hospital. A new 80-bed facility opens directly behind the old hospital


40-Bed Addition

40-bed addition is built, now 120 total beds


Hospital Location

The present hospital overlooking the City from its Genesee Street location is approved


126-Bed Hospital Opens

126-bed hospital opens its doors


Extended Care Facility

Broad Street facility is converted into the Extended Care Facility


Wee Care Program

Wee Care program was established


Expansion Project Begins

Hospital begins expansion project including a new emergency room, radiology department, pharmacy and an ambulatory surgery unit

Harden Blvd. Health Center Opens

Harden Blvd. Health Center opens in the village of Camden providing primary and preventive care services, especially for the underserved Medicaid population


Rehabilitation and Extended Care Facility Constructed

162-bed Rehabilitation and Extended Care Facility is constructed behind the current Hospital, including an 11-bed ventilator unit and 2 respite care beds for short-term care


Northside Health Center Opens

Northside Health Center on N. Main Street is jointly opened with MCPHD. Primary Care & OB/GYN services are provided through county PCAP program


Primary Care Centers Open

The Orchard Hill Health Center on the hospital campus in Oneida; and the Canastota-Lenox Health Center in the village of Canastota. – Primary Care


Oneida Healthcare Center

Oneida City Hospital becomes Oneida Healthcare Center, a private, not-for-profit voluntary organization.


Rehabilitation & Wellness Center Opens

Oneida Healthcare Rehabilitation & Wellness Center is opened


Family Care & Women’s Health Opens

Primary care practice opens in the village of Chittenango (Family Care) Women’s Health OB/GYN practice opens in Oneida.

Computer-Aided Mammography

1st hospital in CNY to introduce computer-aided mammography

Maternity Unit Renovation

$3.1 Million Renovation of Maternity Unit begins


The Lullaby Center Opens

“The Lullaby Center” is officially opened

New Laundry Facility

Hospital breaks ground for construction of a new laundry facility on campus.

New Kitchen and Station Break Café Opens

New Kitchen and Station Break Café opens


Parking Added

The old facility at Broad Street is demolished and additional parking for the Rehabilitation & Wellness Center is created to alleviate a parking shortages in downtown


CT Scanner Introduced

Introduction of a 64 Slice CT Scanner, a state of the art unit that significantly reduces patient scan time and exposure to radiation.

ENT Opens

ENT opens.


Addition Groundbreaking & Renovation

Groundbreaking to commemorate start of $18 million project to construct a 2-story addition and renovate for new new operating rooms, ICU, ambulatory surgery and post anesthesia care unit.

Oneida Healthcare

Oneida Healthcare Center becomes Oneida Healthcare.


New Constructions

New Chapman Entrance, PAT, chapel, registration, outpatient phlebotomy and the surgical reception and waiting area on the ACF second floor.


Sleep Center Opens

Sleep Center Opens


Grand Openings

Neurology, Verona Primary Care and Internal Medicine in Chittenango Opens daVinci Robotics


Women’s Health Associates Opens

Women’s Health Associates opens in Oneida


Women’s Health Associates Opens in Rome

Women’s Health Associates opens in Rome

Quick Care Opens

Quick Care opens in Oneida


Oneida Health Cancer Care Opens

Oneida Health Cancer Care in affiliation with Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Institute opens


Oneida Health Podiatry Care Opens

Oneida Health Podiatry Care opens.

Oneida Health Vascular Care Opens

Oneida Health Vascular Care opens.


Oneida Health Cancer Care Radiation Oncology Opens

Oneida Health Cancer Care Radiation Oncology affiliate of Roswell Park Care Network in Oneida opens its doors.

Oneida Health

Oneida Healthcare becomes Oneida Health.

Oneida Health Digestive Disease Opens

Oneida Health Digestive Disease opens in Oneida.

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