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(updated 1.18.22)

Update from the CEO

Gene Morreale

Gene Morreale
President and CEO

January 18, 2022

Dear Fellow Employees,

I am at a loss for words to adequately describe our current situation with COVID and the significant impact it is having on members of our team as well as members of our community.

We currently have 23 COVID positive inpatients in the hospital and 12 COVID positive ECF residents. Although we have had some success in residents and patients recovering from their illness, the journey is often difficult for them and for our staff providing their care. A number of patients and residents have expired as of late. We are now at 45 deaths total due to COVID since the start of the pandemic back in early 2020. The death of our patients is something that we do not see a lot of here and the recent increase in deaths is having a devastating impact on our care providers. The goal at this time is to provide our staff with an outlet for their emotions. We will expand access to Bridges counselors and provide that information to you soon.

During this recent surge, the teamwork exhibited within this organization has been outstanding. In spite of the increase in illness that COVID had on a number of our employees recently, the remaining staff have joined together to help each other out wherever the need arises. Our patients and residents did not suffer due to decreased staffing and were provided quality healthcare by our dedicated staff.

Please take great pride in how you have responded to this pandemic and more importantly, this recent surge in cases. If not for each of you throughout our organization, community members, family and friends would suffer more severe consequences as no other healthcare provider in the region has the capacity to provide the care that we are now providing to our community members. I also ask that you please take great pride in knowing that you are making a positive difference to so many.

I will keep you apprised of what is happening within Oneida Health as well as within the region. At this point in time, we continue to deal with a very challenging pandemic that by now, I hope has hit its surge peak.

With Sincerest Gratitude,

Gene F. Morreale

Employee COVID-19 Resources, Testing, and Vaccine Information

The Employee Health Department is here for employees who are feeling ill, concerned about COVID-19 exposure, or who need clearance to return to work. We also vaccinate employees. Below is some helpful information related to hours, exposure, self-monitoring, and tip sheets we recently distributed. Please call us if you have any COVID-19 health questions.

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