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Understanding Your Annual Exam

The purpose of this exam is to identify potential health problems in the early stages for your overall health and well-being, making any potential concern easier and less costly to treat.

Your Annual Exam includes:

  • Past medical, social, and family history discussion
  • Age appropriate exam
  • Review of medications and administration of immunizations
  • Counseling/anticipatory guidance/risk factor reduction intervention discussion
  • Review of age/gender-appropriate screening tests

Though most commercial insurances will cover your annual preventative exam at no cost, if you have other health concerns that you would like addressed during the same visit, you may be charged an additional fee leaving you responsible for copays or deductibles depending on your plan.

Avoiding a Charge:

Please let the front office staff and your provider know if you wish to limit your visit to a Preventive Visit only. If this is your preference, you can always schedule another visit to address other health concerns.

If you have any separate health concerns that need to be addressed promptly, we highly recommend that you do not hold off on treatment due to financial reasons.

We offer various payment plans and a Financial Assistance Program to qualified individuals. Please contact billing to discuss your options at (315) 214-2888.

What Could Result in a Charge

If you have an existing or new health concern that you would like the provider to address and treat during your routine preventative exam, please be advised that you may incur additional charges beyond your routine care visit.

Some of these services would include, but are not limited to:

You have the option to schedule an appointment to come back to meet with the provider to address and treat additional health concerns.