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Finder’s Fee Program

Make a Referral

Finder’s Fee Program Details:

Oneida Health is asking its employees to assist us in finding and referring quality staff for our Circle of Care. This program will be effective from July 1, 2022, until further notice. Details and eligibility are below:

  1. All active employees of Oneida Health will be eligible to receive a cash payment for referring an experienced applicant who is hired into a full-time position by Oneida Health after July 1, 2022, until further notice. A maximum of one referring employee per new hire shall be eligible for the stipend. All positions we are currently recruiting for are eligible for the program.
  2. Payment less all legally mandated deductions will be made on the following schedule: $1,000 = $500 paid when the applicant reaches six months of employment, $500 paid at the time of first-year anniversary. If the applicant is hired into a part-time position (20 hours per week or more), a cash payment will be cut in half.
  3. To qualify for the “finder’s fee” the referred applicant must list an active Oneida Health employee’s name on their application or an active Oneida Health employee must provide the name and contact information of a non-Oneida Health employee who is contacted and hired by HR.
  4. Applicants who are referred must not be current employees of Oneida Health.
  5. If a referred applicant leaves employment for any reason before their six-month or one-year anniversary, the employee who made the referral will not receive payments for those timeframes.

Oneida Health reserves the right to modify and/or end this offering at any time.