How You Can Help

During these challenging times, many people and local businesses have reached out to us looking for ways to help our health system. The following represents ways you can support our front-line healthcare team, patients, and residents throughout our entire network.

PPE Supplies

To donate purchased PPE including face shields, head coverings, and masks, or to learn how to make homemade PPE, visit our PPE donation page.

Donate PPE Supplies


We are seeking volunteers from all backgrounds to support our staff in the event of a surge. You will play a key role to our success.

Sign Up To Volunteer


Your monetary gift will support our team on the front-lines in the battle against COVID-19. Thank you for your generosity.

Make A Donation

Food Donation

Purchase lunch for a department(s) in our network from a local restaurant. This is a real pick me up for the team.

Arrange a Food Donation

Serene Spaces

Help our employees find their Zen. We are creating designated employee areas for relaxation to keep our team sharp.

Donate Zen-Like Supplies

Shout Outs

Show your support by sharing uplifting photos and videos dedicated to our staff. Using social media, post using #oneidahealthstrong and we’ll take it from there!

Send A Shout Out

Fuel The Team: Food Donation

Awesome! Our team appreciates your support and the support of our local restaurants. Here are the steps you need to take to donate food:

  • Complete our Food Donation Form
  • Coordinate Drop Off in Advance (we’ll reach out to you)
  • Deliver the Food – we would love a photo!

Some things to know. Drop offs need to be coordinated in advance – we’ll call you! Food donations should be prepared by commercial vendors meeting all state and local health codes. Food donations must be pre-packaged and/or individually wrapped. No homemade food (sorry).


Food Donation Form

Mind The Zen

We are currently in the process of creating calming and relaxing spaces for our staff to keep them mentally sharp for delivering care to our community. We will be creating designated areas and are looking for additional materials to increase our Zen-like atmospheres. Here is a list of items that can be donated.

  • Hershey miniatures

To arrange for drop off or questions related to the items, please email


Kind words can lift spirits. Help show your appreciation and create some smiles by sharing an uplifting photo, video, or some words of encouragement for the team.

If using social media, just simply use the hashtag #oneidahealthstrong to share your message of support, or tag us on Facebook @OneidaHealth!

You can also email or text a message directly to us, and we’ll share it with the team at