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The goal of the S.T.E.P Program is to raise $80,000 with annual drives conducted throughout the year. These funds will support these four important areas:


By investing in the education of our youth and staff members, we celebrate and encourage continued learning thereby enhancing the level and quality of care delivered.

Receiving $30,000

  • 8 area High School Seniors receive $250 each toward Nursing or Allied Health fields of study
  • 1 High School Senior receives $1,000 in the name of Dr. Anthony & Jane Zaia
  • $16,000 in amounts of $300 – $3,000 are awarded to employee applicants who have matriculated into a course of study in Nursing or Allied Health


Providing funds for research and implementation of Electromagnetic Navigational Bronchoscopy, which is used to lower the risk of complications seen in more invasive procedures.

Receiving $50,000

  • Using the patient’s CAT scan, the superDimension™ navigation system creates a roadmap of the lungs
  • Similar to the GPS technology in a car, the LungGPSTM guides the physician through the airways to the nodule so that a tissue sample can be obtained, diagnosed, staged and prepared for treatment all in one procedure
  • This outpatient procedure occurs in the operating room and takes between 30 minutes to an hour
  • Lung cancer incidence and mortality rates in Madison County are higher than the State average and it is the no. 1 cause of cancer-related death in the U.S.
  • 80% of lung cancer patients diagnosed today are nonsmokers

Education (& Community)

Funds provided to Education and Community support OHC’s ability to provide the community with health education.

Receiving $2,000

  • Community Health Fairs provide an opportunity to educate the public on habits of good health and ways to stay healthy
  • Presentations by local health professionals provide a venue for open discussion about a topic of interest


Providing funds to support programs and working spaces for doctors, nurses, staff and patients necessary for better function and to encourage a healthy, happy healthcare environment.

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