COVID-19 Testing Questions


The Oneida Health COVID-19 Testing Center is Closed

Due to the changes in Gov. Cuomo’s Executive Order related to testing elective procedure patients and the demonstrated decline in the Covid positivity rate within our community, the number of patients seeking Covid- 19 testing by our testing center has significantly declined.

As a result, Oneida Health will no longer staff a separate Covid-19 testing center effective Friday, July 16, 2021. Oneida Health will continue to provide rapid testing for emergency department and inpatients.

Rapid testing is also available to patients at both the Oneida and Camden Quick Care locations. Private office patients can be swabbed at the office and sent via courier as a DOL – drop off lab, these will be processed to Quest as a PCR. Practices can reach out to the lab for proper test kits (swabs).

Elective procedure patients seen in the Pre Admission Testing center and in need of a test (unvaccinated) will be tested there. Elective procedure patients (surgery, endoscopy and maternal inductions patients who do not require a PAT visit (unvaccinated) will require rapid testing here at Oneida Health on the morning of their procedure.

Upon presenting to Oneida Health, patients will be screened by Security staff. If they pass the screen, they will be directed to their area of care where they will be swabbed by the nursing staff on that unit.

Negative Rapid test results will enable the patient to proceed with their planned care. Patients will be required to remain masked during this time.

Any questions or concerns may be directed to Mary Parry or Gene Morreale in the administrative offices.