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Double-check your portal selection:

There are several portals on the Please Select Your Portal page. Please check to make sure you have selected the correct portal.

The Physician Practice Portal is for any of the practices listed here: Canastota-Lenox Health Center, Chittenango Family Care, Chittenango Internal Medicine, Maternal Health Center, Neurology Specialists of Oneida, Oneida Orthopedic Specialists, Quick Care, Verona Health Center, Women’s Health Associates (Rome & Oneida).

The Hospital Patient Portal is for Oneida Health Patients and is used primarily for in-patient records, Emergency Room records and labs/xrays performed at the hospital.  For questions about the portal, please visit our Frequently Asked Questions document.  For problems logging in to the Hospital Patient Portal, please call: 315-361-2138.

For Physician Practice Portal Users:

Although the Physician Practice Portal (Medent Portal) login pages look the same, they are unique to each practice. Once you have selected the Physician Practice Portal, you will be given a list of practices and their corresponding physicians. Please ensure that you have selected the appropriate link on this portal page.

Check your login information

Double-check to make sure you have the right username and password combination and ensure that your caps lock key is off. If you do not have these details, please select the sign up button instead, or contact your provider for details.

Reset your login information

Physician Practice Portal can reset their login username or password. Simply click on the video icon on the portal page, and you will be given a video download to walk you through the simple process.

Using Chrome (Endless processing during login)?

Intermittently, some Chrome users can have troubles logging in related to a recent update by Google Chrome. If while attempting to login if you see the prompt “processing,” but it never logs you in, please try the following:

Still having trouble?

If you have followed the steps above, but are still having trouble logging in, please contact the appropriate practice using the contact information listed below:

Canastota-Lenox Health Center

Chittenango Family Care

Chittenango Internal Medicine

Neurology Specialists Of Oneida