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Now available at ALL Primary Care offices, Quick Care, and many Specialty Practices.

How does it work? 👉

1. Call to schedule an appointment
2. We’ll send a link to your mobile or computer
3. Click and enter your name
4. Meet remotely w/ your provider!

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TeleHealth at Oneida Health! Now available at ALL Primary Care offices, Quick Care, and many Specialty Practices.

What is TeleHealth?

TeleHealth allows you to use two-way video communication to participate in a virtual visit with your medical provider. You can do this on your computer, tablet, or mobile device from the safety and comfort of your own home. Allowing you to get the care you need while maintaining social distancing recommendations.

Do I need to be a patient of Oneida Health to use this service?

Currently, TeleHealth is being used primarily for established patients but it may be used for new patients at the discretion of the Provider.

If I already have an appointment scheduled can I have a virtual visit instead?

Yes! If you have a method of two-way video communication we may be able to convert your visit into a TeleHealth visit.  Please keep in mind that this is done at the discretion of your provider and not all visit types are suitable for TeleHealth.  Due to the social distancing recommendations surrounding the current pandemic, our offices are actively reviewing schedules for appointments that may be able to be conducted via TeleHealth.

Can any type of visit be conducted using TeleHealth?

Unfortunately, not all visit types lend themselves to TeleHealth.  Your provider will use his or her discretion to decide if adequate care can be provided to you via TeleHealth.  The majority of our Providers are using this service, but not all, so please call and speak to your provider’s office.

Do I need to download something for a TeleHealth visit?

There is no download required! You can access Telehealth from clicking on a link sent to your smart phone, computer, or tablet just before your visit.

You do need a device which has the following (a smart phone meets all of these requirements):

  • Wifi
  • Web Camera
  • Microphone
  • Speakers
  • Web Browser (Chrome, Samsung, Edge, Opera, Safari, or Firefox)

What is the process for a TeleHealth appointment?

Once TeleHealth is established as an appropriate means for your appointment, we’ll schedule a time for your TeleHealth visit. You will receive a link via text or email, depending on your preference, just prior to your appointment. When it comes time for your visit, simply click on the link you received. Upon entering your name, you’ll be placed in the virtual waiting room. When your provider joins the visit, you will be connected and your appointment will begin.

Telehealth Steps

Does my insurance cover a TeleHealth visit? Will I have a co-pay?

Every health plan is different. Many insurance companies are still working on expanding access to many forms of telemedicine. Co-pays are determined by the type of plan you have. If a copay is due you will receive a statement after your visit.

For clarification on coverage, please contact your insurance company to go over the benefits of your plan.

Is my Doctor or Office providing Telehealth?

Here is our most updated list of offices using Telehealth. We are adding new providers every week. (updated 6.22.20)

Primary Care: 

  • Chittenango Family Care (Dolan only)
  • Verona Health Center (all providers)
  • Canastota Lenox Health Center (all providers)
  • TriValley Family Medicine – Canastota (all providers)
  • TriValley Family Medicine – Vernon (all providers)

Convenient Care:

  • Quick Care – Oneida
  • Quick Care – Camden

Specialty Practices:

  • Ear, Nose and Throat (Dr. Gordon and Dr. Krieger)
  • GI Specialists (Dr. Abbasi)
  • Orthopedics Specialists (Dr. Nussenbaum and Christopher Lott, RPA)
  • Women’s Health (Dr. Del Pino and Diane Fitzgerald, NP)
  • Medical Oncology (Debra Walz, AONP)
  • Vascular Care (Dr. Carlin)
  • Radiation Oncology (Dr. Vyas)
  • Social Work (Monuszko)