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Why Is It Important To Be Screened for Lung Cancer?

The best way to beat Lung Cancer is to catch it early, before symptoms begin. With all cancers, treatment options and survival rates improve with early detection. This is especially true for Lung Cancer. Choosing to do a Low-Dose CT screening is the best way to detect small changes in the lungs to allow for the earliest diagnosis – giving yourself the best odds at remission.

Lung Cancer Screening – Breathe Easier With Early Detection at Oneida Health

Oneida Health is an ACR designated Lung Cancer Screening Center. We provide Low-Dose CT in an outpatient setting at our hospital located at 321 Genesee Street.

How Do I Know if I Should Consider a Screening?

The National Cancer Institute (NCI) recommends lung cancer Low-Dose CT screening if you meet the following criteria:

    • You are between 50 and 77 years old
    • A current or former smoker who quit within the past 15 years with a tobacco history of
      20+ pack years

Calculating Pack Years

How Can I Reduce the Risk of Lung Cancer?

The best way to reduce the risk of lung cancer is to quit smoking. There are local resources that are free and confidential who provide smoking cessation services locally:

What to Expect During a Low-Dose CT:

A Low-Dose CT provides a detailed picture of your lungs that helps your physician locate anything abnormal – it can detect extremely small nodules. The exam is painless and requires no preparation. During a Low-Dose CT scan, you will lie on your back on the exam table while one of our highly trained CT technicians assist you in getting comfortable. The table will move slowly through the machine. You may be asked to hold your breath shortly during intervals of the exam. The entire exam will only take a few minutes.

Why Oneida Health for Lung Cancer Screening:

  • Oneida Health is a designated Lung Cancer Screening Center. Certified by the American College of Radiology, we have been recognized for our commitment to safe, effective diagnostic care for individuals at the highest risk for lung cancer.
  • The latest and greatest in imaging equipment.Oneida Health has the newest Low-Dose CT imaging technology in the area.
  • Exceptional Care. Our staff are committed to providing patients a comforting experience with attention to the highest quality of care.
  • We are a member of the Roswell Park Care Network – providing local access to cancer care from a nationally ranked NCI comprehensive cancer center

How Do I Schedule a Low-Dose CT?

The first step is easy, call your medical health provider and discuss with them your history of smoking. If they determine you are at risk for lung cancer, they may recommend a Low-Dose CT screening. You will need a physician referral to schedule a Low-Dose CT screening. Once a referral is made, please call 315-361-2290.

If this is not your first CT scan we request that you obtain a copy (CD or film) of any prior Chest CT scans to provide to us on the day of your appointment. Comparison with prior studies allow our radiologists to better assess the significance of any findings present on your screening CT exam.

Cost of Screening?

If you fit the program’s criteria and have Medicaid, Medicare, or health insurance, odds are good that a screening is fully covered by your insurance. Oneida Health also provides a self-pay rate for a single exam of $190. You will need a physician referral to schedule a Low-Dose CT screening.

What are the Next Steps After a Low-Dose CT?

A letter will be mailed regarding the CT scan results within a few days of the procedure and indicate if additional diagnostic follow-up is needed for any abnormalities.

Your primary care doctor will also receive a full report. If additional imaging is needed, your health care provider will coordinate further testing.