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Endoscopy is another example of Oneida Health’s commitment to providing state of the art technology and ongoing training to support our endoscopy services in providing exceptional care always. We provide three exams using three different sizes of scopes.


Your doctor is able to see the inside lining of the colon during this procedure. It is important to have cleaned the colon so all the lining can be seen. Please tell the nurse if you are concerned that your colon is not cleaned completely.



This is an exam that allows the doctor to see the lining of the throat, stomach and a little of the small bowel. This scope is shorter and thinner than the scope used for a colonoscopy.


We use our smallest scope for this exam. The doctor can see the inside lining of the lungs.

Our endoscopes and video imaging system provide extraordinary image quality in combination with High-Definition Television (HDTV) and Narrow Band Imaging (NBI). These scopes are bendable and have a light and a computer chip at the tip. This allows a picture of the area being looked at to be seen on a video screen in life like images. This technology provides a clear image for the physician during the procedure and allows enhanced visualization of the area being viewed. The scopes also allow for samples of tissue to be taken and sent to the laboratory for testing. Some conditions are treated by using the scope and additional specialized equipment that go through the scope.

The unit also provides an ultrasound procedure that assist surgeons with determining a patient’s best options for treatment by staging rectal cancer and ERCP’s – Endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography – used primarily to diagnose and treat conditions of the bile ducts in coordination with the operating room staff.

Our Endoscopy care team consists of your physician, RNs and a member of the Anesthesia department to provide safe and proficient procedures during your visit. There will be two nurses, your doctor and a member of Anesthesia services in the room where you will have your exam. One nurse will assist the physician with the procedure and another nurse will be watching your reaction to the exam and medications with the Anesthesiologist. You will be on the cardiac monitor, having your blood pressure, heart rate and breathing monitored.

After your procedure, an RN will observe you for at least 45 minutes. We will be asking you to drink to make sure you are feeling well and gradually sit you up to be sure that you are not dizzy. If you are doing well, we will take out your IV, have you change into your clothes and we will review the instructions that your doctor has written for you. You will be given a copy to review at home. The medications make you forgetful and unsteady. We would like for you to be careful while standing and call for a nurse when needed.

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