Medical & Surgical Care

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Experienced Surgeons and State of the Art Facilities

Oneida Health is committed to providing state of the art technology and ongoing training to support our surgical department in providing exceptional care always. Experienced surgeons provide high quality and expertise in numerous surgical procedures at Oneida Health. Our surgeons and staff are committed to continued education and training to deliver the newest technology to ensure the best outcome for our patients.

Oneida Health is proud to offer the da Vinci Si HD Surgical System™ as the preferred option for many Colorectal, GYN and General surgical procedures. Learn more: da Vinci Surgical System™

da Vinci OROur surgical services include General Surgery, Orthopedics, Urology, Gynecology, Otolaryngology (ENT), Podiatry and Oral SurgeryMinimally invasive surgery — also called laparoscopic surgery is our ideal surgical approach to treat a wide range of conditions. The surgeons work through a single incision or a few small incisions to perform hundreds of minimally invasive procedures each year using high-definition imaging and precision instruments. The smaller incisions lead to less scarring, less pain, quicker recoveries, less chance of wound infection and a quicker return to daily life. Our commitment to state of the art technology also allows our surgeons to offer da Vinci “robotic” surgery options, as well as Hand Assisted Laparoscopic Colon Surgeries, Video Assisted Thoracentesis, and high tech image guided ENT surgeries. Radiofrequency ablation for lung cancer– destroying cancer cells by heating and destroying them after localizing the tumor—is also offered as a coordinated procedure provided by our Surgical, Radiology and Anesthesia departments.

Inpatient Care

Some patients have surgeries that require nursing care for several days post operatively. These patients are admitted to our Medical Surgical (4th) floor where our nursing staff continues with the post operative care. Our nurses participate in a care team, which includes many professionals dedicated to providing patient/family centered care. Specially trained RNs are also available to educate and assist with the postoperative care of patients with ostomy surgery.

Premiere Technology Surgical Room

Surgery Waiting Room

Pre Admission Testing Center (PAT)

This department was designed to be a one stop visit for testing required for surgery. Our surgeons schedule an appointment with PAT if he/she or the anesthesiologist is requiring specific testing prior to surgery. This department completes the registration, admission interview, pre operative education, lab work, and EKG for an upcoming surgery. They also arrange consults with anesthesia, social services, physical therapy, and other clinical experts upon patient or physician request. PAT staff also locates consultations and pre operative testing that has been provided at another facility and has it available for review prior to surgery. Our goal in PAT is to gather the health information required by the surgeon and Anesthesiologist to initiate a safe surgical stay as well as begin each patient’s plan of care for their hospital stay.

If you have questions about surgery and Oneida Health, call (315) 363-6000 or e-mail us!