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Your primary care physician may entrust a hospitalist to be your “in-hospital” doctor.

To provide you with the very best care during your hospital stay, Oneida Health utilizes hospitalists who will participate in your care. These physicians work closely with you and your primary care physician to provide the best possible care while you are in the hospital. Oneida Health has selected TeamHealth to manage and staff its hospital medicine program. TeamHealth is a physician-led, patient-focused organization with more than 30 years of experience caring for patients.

What Is a Hospitalist?

Hospitalists are physicians who work solely in the hospital and are available throughout your stay to talk with you and your family about your care and treatment. Most hospitalists are internal medicine physicians or family medicine physicians.

When Will I See My Primary Care Physician?

Nationwide, primary care physicians are referring their patients to hospitalists upon admission to the hospital. During your stay, a hospitalist will see you. You will see your regular doctor after your discharge.

What Benefits do Hospitalists Provide to My Doctor and I?

  • Hospitalists keep a close eye on you. In case of emergency, your hospitalist is never very far. That’s because he or she works only in the hospital and will see you more than once a day if needed. Your hospitalist knows every specialist and department in the hospital. Hospitalists expedite your care by following up on tests and adjusting your treatment regimen throughout the day based on those test results.
  • Hospitalists answer your family’s questions. They are here to provide answers in person whenever possible. Because hospitalists are based in the hospital, they can spend time talking with family about your care during your stay and before you leave.
  • Hospitalists allow your primary care physician to be more available. Using a hospital medicine team enables your primary care physician to be available to you in the office, and the hospitalist is available to care for you when you are hospitalized. For many patients and physicians, working with a hospital medicine team is a win-win proposition.

How Does The Hospitalist Know About Me?

At the time of your admission to the hospital, the hospitalist will review your medical records and may contact your primary care physician to discuss your condition. During the course of your hospitalization, the hospitalist and primary care physician may talk further regarding your treatment. At discharge, the hospitalist will communicate with your primary care physician to discuss your further treatment needs, help arrange follow-up care, and prescribe the necessary medications. Your primary care physician will have access to all your records following your stay.

What Should I Expect on My Bill?

Upon discharge patients often have questions regarding charges for their hospital stay. Your bill will come from two sources—one from the hospital for all hospital costs except the hospitalist’s services and another bill for the hospitalist’s services. If you have questions about your hospitalist bill, please call 1-888-952-6772 to speak to someone directly.