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Available Certified Lactation Consultants

If you choose to breastfeed, Women’s Health Associates will do everything we can to help you succeed in your choice. For some women, breast feeding can be tricky at first. If you have chosen to give birth at Oneida Health, we recommend working with a certified lactation consultant to assist you guide you, and help answer any questions that might come up.

A lactation consultant is a great resource for getting started with breastfeeding.

We encourage immediate breastfeeding when your baby is born so you and your baby can begin to physically bond the moment you meet. However, giving birth is a tiring task, and having someone there for guidance and encouragement can mean all of the difference.

Healthcare certified lactation consultants are will also be available to assist you at the hospital weighing station. One of the greatest worries new breastfeeding mothers face is whether their baby is “getting enough” breast milk. Thankfully, you can ease your worries with a complimentary weighing station.  Free of charge, and available as often as you would like, it can help ensure your baby is growing as he or she should. If there is any reason for concern, lactation consultants are available to help you.

A lactation consultant can also help instruct you on the use of a breast pump for times when you are away from the baby. If you plan to pump, pumps are available for purchase or rent by the month at OHC. If you already have a pump, we encourage you to bring it to the hospital so our staff can help you become familiar with using it.