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Regional Perinatal Center

Your relationship with Women’s Health Associates means you will have a close relationship with the Regional Perinatal Center in Syracuse. For at-risk patients, the Regional Perinatal Center provides the most comprehensive and advanced medical care for women with special needs during their pregnancy.

Advanced Services & Support

The center provides a full range of support and testing for at risk pregnancies.

  • Care and services for women with gestational diabetes (diabetic pregnancy)
  • Fetal health studies (includes measuring amniotic fluid and monitoring the baby’s heart rate, breathing movements, and blood flow)
  • Prenatal diagnosis (diagnosing birth defects through ultrasound and/or amniocentesis
  • Obstetrical ultrasound (sonogram)
  • Arrangement and transfer of care
  • Counseling: crisis, genetic, individual and relationship, nutrition, perinatal grief, prepregnancy, teratologic (dealing with fetal malformations)
  • Support services: assistance obtaining medical insurance; assistance obtaining financial; food; and housing aid; job training program

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Phone: 315 464-4458
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