The Lullaby Center

321 Genesee Street
Oneida, NY 13421
Visitor Hours: 10:00 am and 8:30 pm

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Excellus Designated Blue Distinction Center+

COVID-19 Precautions

(updated 9.28.23)

Due to COVID-19, our visitation policies and times may be more limited than before. Please visit our updated visitation policy for more information.

Oneida Health Maternity Makes Mothers & Families Comfortable

Thousands of mothers in Oneida and Madison counties have chosen to give birth at Oneida Health. Beyond the comfort and convenience of being close to home, Oneida Health offers the setting, security, and services to make your birth experience truly outstanding.

Quality Care in a Home-like Setting

When you welcome a new member into your family, you want everything to be perfect. Your comfort level directly impacts your birth and first days of bonding. Research shows that a comfortable, home-like setting improves your experience and can even shorten your labor. That’s why Oneida Health strives to create such an environment on our maternity unit.

Mother/child couple care provides cozy and bright private rooms equipped with rocking chairs and baby pods. Most rooms have sleepers so that fathers can spend the night, better preparing your family for your transition to home.

Oneida Health is proud to feature remote monitoring. That means your doctors and nurses can monitor your labor and progress from home, ensuring they arrive when you need them.

Once your baby is born, the entire hospital celebrates the arrival of your new family member. We rejoice in the arrival of your new bundle with a celebration dinner for you and your partner, on us. We also provide you with the option to cue the music that plays a sweet lullaby throughout the hospital, letting our entire healthcare community know that a new life has come into the world. In fact, this is how the maternity unit got its name, The Lullaby Center.

During your stay, our highly qualified staff works hard to provide the best physical and emotional care for you and your baby. From breastfeeding, diapering, and sleep assistance, our staff is available to answer your questions. We work with you to make your transition from hospital to home as seamless as possible. When you get home, we encourage you to ask questions and seek advice; so much so, that we want you to feel welcome to call the maternity unit for support at any time. Our unconditional help and support are just added features to making your experience of giving birth at Oneida Health a positive experience you’ll never forget.

Comfort Measures

Baby NurseWhen it comes to managing the physical pressures of labor, Oneida Health understands that every mother’s preferences are different. Some mothers choose the relief of medication to help them relax if they become overwhelmed while others choose to refrain from using any medication. Our maternity unit strives to provide individualized care based on your preferences as much as we possibly can.

We encourage you to enter into your birth educated about your options, but with an open mind. Labors are unpredictable. If a time comes when you need help, one of our nurses will help you to decide what comfort measures are right for you. Whatever your preferences, Oneida Health offers numerous options to help you have the best possible experience, including an epidural. You will be allowed a person of choice to stay with you and we provide overnight accommodations in the mother’s room if necessary.


At Oneida Health we do everything we can to help you to succeed if you choose to breastfeed. We encourage immediate breastfeeding when your baby is born so that you and your baby can begin to physically bond the moment you meet. Although we encourage breastfeeding, we understand that some mothers have their own plans so no matter what; we will support your choice.

BabiesAlthough breastfeeding during your stay can be tricky at first, an Oneida Health certified lactation consultant is on staff to assist you with pointers and help you troubleshoot.

One of the greatest worries new breastfeeding mothers face is whether their baby is “getting enough” breast milk. Thankfully, Oneida Health is here to ease your worries by providing a baby Weigh Station, free of charge, that you may visit as often as you’d like to ensure your baby is growing, as he or she should. If there is any reason for concern, lactation consultants are available to help you. Our conveniently located Baby Weigh Station is a free service that can provide your assurance and peace of mind. Our Breastfeeding Cafe is a friendly place to get breastfeeding information and support from experienced breastfeeding mothers and lactation consultants!

When you leave the hospital, you may want to pump breast milk for those times when you are away from your baby. If it is your intention to do so, pumps are available for purchase right at Oneida Health. One of our lactation consultants will even show you how to use it properly. If you already have a pump, we encourage you to bring it to the hospital so our staff can help you become familiar with using it. Additional Resources


The birth of a baby is truly a family event, so Oneida Health works hard to make our maternity unit as family-friendly as possible.  

Our unit features a Family Gathering Center, a pleasant and comfortable place to wait, eat and enjoy this exciting occasion. It is equipped with several amenities including a television, refrigerator, ice machine, microwave, coffee maker, toaster and comfortable furniture, including a table and chairs.

If you are interested in having your baby at Oneida Health’s Lullaby Center, call (315) 361-2065 to chat with a member of our staff.