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Healthcare today can be confusing and complicated.  At Oneida Health (OH), we try to make it as easy as possible to navigate the healthcare system and that includes informing you about the price of medical services we provide, as well as the Health Plans that we participate with and the names and billing contact information of our contracted/affiliated providers. This area of our website will help you obtain basic information about those health plans, providers, medical services and associated hospital prices at Oneida Health which includes our off site health centers and affiliated physician specialty offices.

Our goal is to provide you with Exceptional Care. To accomplish that goal, we must maintain good financial operating results. By implementing our Patient Financial Policy, we are providing you with information so that you’re aware of your financial obligation when seeking services at Oneida Health. Thank you for choosing Oneida Health for your healthcare needs.

Oneida Health & Health Centers

  • Oneida Health Hospital
  • Canastota-Lenox Health Center
  • Chittenango Family Care
  • Chittenango Internal Medicine
  • Verona Health Center

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Patient Notification

Price Transparency & Hospital Price Estimations

At Oneida Health, we understand the need to assist you in determining the estimated price of the medical services we provide.

Price Transparency & Hospital Price Estimation

Participating Health Plans

Oneida Health is dedicated to making the healthcare process as easy as possible by providing you with a list of Health Plans we participate with.

Access Participating Health Plans Here

NYS Surprise Bill Act Policy

To ensure compliance with the New York State regulation, as well as the Affordable Care Act (Price Transparency) and ensure that our patients are informed of their rights under the law please click here for more information.

More Information

Uninsured/Self-Pay Patient

All uninsured and self-pay patients have the right to request and receive a good faith estimate on any scheduled service, by the No Surprise Act, in addition to the requirement of notification of the existence of a Patient-Provider Dispute Resolution process and their right to dispute a bill if within the parameters outlined in the regulation.

Self-Pay Information for COVID-19 Testing

25% Self Pay Discount
NYS Surcharge 1.0963 (see CDM above)

Drive Thru CPT/HCPCS Price Discount self-pay price
Evaluation Management(includes Nasal Swab) 99211 $17.00 $13.98
Specimen collection handling C9803 $69.00 $56.73
Test Method
COVID-19 RNA-based technique 87635 $213.00 $175.13


Walk-in CPT/HCPCS Price Discount self-pay price
Venipuncture 36415 $28.50 $23.43
Specimen collection handling C9803 $69.00 $56.73
Test Method
COVID-19 RNA-based technique 87635 $213.00 $175.13