Doctor’s Day Letter 2022

Kevin ProsserNews, Press Release

These intelligent individuals who give so much of their life to learning how to provide needed and appropriate care to each of us, are indeed special men and women. During this very difficult pandemic, these men and women were there for us when we needed them most. Please understand that throughout those two-plus years of the pandemic, your physicians dealt daily with the unknown yet continued to be there for you in the Emergency Department, the OR, the Obstetrical Unit, the hospital, wherever care was needed. The stress this placed upon them personally was significant and yet they stood by our sides and helped us.

What I suggest is pretty simple for all of us to do. Write a thank-you note to the physician who over your life has provided you the care you need to carry on your life.

Here at Oneida Health, we have a very talented, compassionate group of physicians who are very focused on providing the best, highest quality care possible. I for one cannot say thank you enough for what these physicians do, day and night, for their many patients. Whether it is a planned visit to the office, an unforeseen emergency, they are here to diagnose and treat the problem.

With the above said, I offer my sincerest gratitude to the doctors on Doctor’s Day and wish you nothing but continued success and happiness.

Thank you and Happy Doctor’s Day!


Gene F. Morreale
President and CEO

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