State-of-the-Art Wound Care & Hyperbaric Medicine Center Coming to Oneida

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Two organizations collaborating to bring the highest quality of care to patients

Oneida, NY – Beginning in December, individuals faced with complex wounds in the greater Oneida area will have access to the care they need, closer to home. Oneida Healthcare, in collaboration with RestorixHealth, will begin offering comprehensive wound care and hyperbaric medicine in Oneida to residents of Central New York suffering from non-healing wounds.

With construction already well underway, the fully-renovated center will occupy almost 2,300 square feet on the first floor of the hospital and will begin seeing its first patients on December 19. The center will contain three large treatment rooms, a consultation room, a hyperbaric suite with two state-of-the-art hyperbaric chambers for advanced healing, and the required support facilities on a single level outpatient setting. The wound care program will accommodate patients requiring treatment for chronic, non-healing diabetic, neuropathic, pressure, and ischemic ulcers. Treatment is also available for venous insufficiency, traumatic wounds, surgical wounds, and skin irritations.

“Our new state-of-the-art wound care and hyperbaric medicine center represents a singular vision to provide patients with the most advanced healing therapies close to home,” said President and CEO Gene Morreale at Oneida Healthcare. “With the addition of podiatry and vascular within our Circle of Care network, which commonly provides treatment to patients that may face painful, non-healing wounds, developing a wound healing center was the next step in providing the most convenient, patient-centered experience designed around providing exceptional care, always.”

The hyperbaric oxygen (HBO) therapy provided through hyperbaric chambers is especially beneficial for patients with diabetic foot ulcers or other types of non-healing wounds. HBO promotes healing by increasing the level of oxygen in the tissue and improving the healing efficiency of the white blood cells. Therapy is administered in a hyperbaric chamber that delivers 100 percent oxygen with increased atmospheric pressure, stimulating the entire body’s natural healing responses.

“Everyone deserves access to the highest level of care. We’re proud to partner with RestorixHealth as it represents two leading healthcare organizations working together to address the needs of local residents,” said Mr. Morreale. RestorixHealth is a national healthcare organization who specializes in the development and management of centers of excellence for amputation prevention, wound management, and hyperbaric medicine. “Our partnership will allow us to deliver the highest quality of care and the latest treatment options to patients from day one of providing treatment.”

The science of wound care has advanced greatly and specially-trained experts have a greater understanding of how wounds heal and what prevents them from healing. Newer, more advanced technologies and therapies can often heal a wound faster and prevent amputations in patients who may have complications from common chronic conditions such as diabetes.

About Oneida Healthcare
Oneida Healthcare serves an area comprised of approximately 29 communities in Madison and western Oneida counties with a population of approximately 100,000. Operated by Oneida Health Systems, Inc, a New York State not-for-profit corporation, the organization includes a 101-bed acute care hospital, emergency department, state of the art surgery center, 160-bed extended-care and short-term rehab facility, primary care offices, internal medicine, comprehensive lab services, home medical equipment, comprehensive imaging services, outpatient therapy, and care specialties in: oncology, neurology, podiatry, vascular, sleep, OB/GYN, orthopedics, and ENT. To learn more about Oneida Healthcare, visit

About RestorixHealth
RestorixHealth, a leading wound care management company, develops and manages centers of excellence for amputation prevention, wound management and hyperbaric medicine. Forging strong relationships with their partners, RestorixHealth provides high quality, cost-efficient solutions to wound care that offer advanced treatment therapies along with hyperbaric oxygen therapy. Founded by physicians in 1997 to treat the growing incidence of non-healing wounds, RestorixHealth’s centers utilize a quality- and data-driven approach to consistently achieve high treatment success rates, resulting in a dramatic improvement in patient quality of life. The company currently manages comprehensive centers throughout the United States in partnership with hospitals and health care facilities. For more information, visit

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